Mold Remediation Services

Performance's Total Mold Remediation ("TOMR") services offer fast, professional and thorough remediation for mold/fungi contamination.  All work performed is compliant with the following independent certification and published best practice guidelines.  

  • Environmental Education Foundation Certification
  • EM Enviro-Mold IAQ Services Certification
  • IICRC AMRT & WRT Certification 
  • “IICRC S520” Standard
  • “ACGIH” guideline
  • New York City Department of Health guideline

The "Total Remediation Approach" is a full scale remediation solution that is designed to effectively eliminate all sources of problematic fungal growth AND prevent future growth.

Am I at Risk?

Currently there are no government regulations that define what a “safe” limit of mold exposure is, however it is recommended that ANY amount of visible mold growth be properly remediated. It’s important to know that people can react to mold with wide variability. Some people are sensitive to very “low” or otherwise “normal” levels of mold, while others have a high tolerance to mold exposure.

* Note: Only a BIOAEROSOL, SWAB, or LIFT TEST can definitively determine the level of fungal matter.

Mold remediation removal inspection abatement

Common Signs, Symptoms & Mold Related Health Issues

*How a person reacts to mold can differ greatly from person to person.

Headache, irritation to eyes nose and throat, asthma, pneumonia, nose bleeds, emphysema, impaired vision, dizziness, impaired coordination, nausea, anemia, malaise, fatigue, dry chapped and irritated skin, liver and kidney damage, rashes, infections and anaphylaxis.