DAY CLEANING - The New Level of Green Cleaning

 You'll ask... "Why Didn't We Do This Sooner?”

Despite a slow climb to popularity Day Cleaning is steadily becoming a best industry practice within the commercial cleaning industry.  CAUTION!  Not all janitorial companies can succeed in Day Cleaning! Don't become somebody else's test case, let PERFORMANCE's experience in successful DAY CLEANING programs work for you!  We have the expertise needed with over 10 years of day cleaning conversions under our belt.  We even conduct on site transition consulting including Tenant/Occupant Powerpoint presentations and Q&A sessions at no additional cost.

Save up to 20% on Your Current Janitorial Costs

  • Lights & HVAC reduced or eliminated after hours
  • Reduced need for security personnel 
  • Increase Worker Productivity (workers now “on task” 100%) 
  • Eliminate or reduce the need for “Day Porters/Matrons” 
  • Restructure labor under the umbrella of a Day Cleaning conversion

Additional Benefits

  • Optional Full time shifts reduces turnover & attracts better workers 
  • Eliminating cleaning staff after hours eliminates concerns of theft
  • Additional daily manpower is available to lend a hand as needed
  • Enhanced communication with janitorial staff 
  • Occupants can put a face to the person who services their areas
  • Greater sense of positive Enironmental impact by occupants for going “GREEN”
  • Decrease in cleaning complaints - Guaranteed!
  • Increased occupant satisfaction rating